Mailbox Integration - how to assign the ticket that has been created via Mailbox Integration?


When using Mailbox Integration, how can I set up the rule to automatically assign the ticket to a particular person?

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Hi Trudi,

I recommend you to implement this as follows:
1. Navigate to Administration-> Projects -> Fields -> Subsystem -> Value Bundle -> set owner (user) for the 'No subsystem' value. Then, back to Fields and choose 'No subsystem' as a default value.
Check that workflow 'jetbrains -youtrack-subsystemAssignee' is attached to your project. Subsystem owner will be set as assignee for unassigned issues.
To check workflows,navigate to Administration->Project-> your project-> Workflow-> Attach workflow.
After all, new issues with 'No subsystem' value will be assigned to a particular user (owner of this value).
For the intelligent process, I recommened you create full bundle of subsystems. Each subsystem will have an owner, all new issues with choosen subsystem will be assigned to a subsystem owner.

Thank you.
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I've tested this out and it works, thank you.

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