Automatic update of Agile Board possible?

Hi all,

we started using YouTrack for KANBAN some days ago, version 4.2.4.
Everything works fine so far. We are looking forward for version 5 (extended agile board).

The only problem is that the agile board is not updated automatically - or at least it seems so. E.g. user A changes something on the board, user B has to press the reload button in his browser to reflect the change on user A.

Is there something to customize to enable the auto update? We tried various browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and it worked for none of them).
I suppose YouTrack has implemented auto update, but why does it not work as expected?

Any information/hints appreciated.

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Hello Florian,

Unforunately, it's not implemented yet.
This is known and desirable feature .
Please, vote and leave comments.

Thank you.

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