How can I reset OpenID provider/id for a user?

I was using gmail OpenID provider and now we implemented our enterprise provider.

When I try to log in with enterprise ID I'm getting this error "OpenID server endpoint page. The OpenID server has encountered an error:
There is another Youtrack user with your Email. Please contact administrator."

I don't see how I can change my provider in profile either, the fields are available but read only.

Can you help please?
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Any help would be appreciated.
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Well... added a record in your Youtrack:
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Hello Michael,

Sorry for the delay.
I've commented the issue you've reported.
Currently, we have no such option, but as an alternative you can register a new user with the new OpenID and merge it with your previous user with your original OpenID. Original OpenID will be replaced with the new one.

Thank you.

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