Can I make a workflow that triggers when an issue has been in a certain state for X days?


I'm starting to appreciate the power of workflows, but I'm not sure how to get this one to trigger. What I want to do is this: When an issue has been in the state "In Development" for more than 5 days, its assignee is notified.

The part I'm having trouble with is the "Has been in a state for >5 days". Is there a property I'm missing here? Any help appreciated.
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Unfortunately there is no possibility to access issue history in workflow yet - JT-12687.

But if the issue wasn't changed within last 5 days this schedule rule will work:
schedule rule in development issues 
daily at 12:00:00 [State == {In Development} && updated < now - 5 days] { 
  Assignee.notify("[YouTrack, Forgotten issue]", "Please pay attention to " + getId()); 
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This works nicely for us, thanks!

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