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In JIRA, we're able to create webhooks, which sends requests to our company application, when an issue is created or resolved. (we're using an php API to fetch the open issues for the next release, and with the webhooks, we delete the cache. (just a simple and quick implemention:D )

Does youtrack provide also such feature?
Hello Daniel_r,

We have a REST API with which it's possible to create a custom script to get all issues which are open and have a particular fix version.
But, why didn;t you try to use our easy filtering? If I'm correct, you need to show all issues which have Open state and some Fix version.
You can just filter by
#Open Fix version <name of fix versison>

After that, if you need to make save this issues, you may save it in CSV.
Hi, thx for the reply.

I'm aware of this, but my question is, if youtrack could send a http request to my application after an issue was created/resolved
Hi Daniel_r,

Unfortunately, it's not possible for now. I guess, we may consider this for future implementation to be able to create custom workflow which sends such requests.

Thank you.

Has this been implemented since 2013?

I would like to do a HTTP request on a specific event in YouTrack.


Hi Tom,

Sure, please take a look at our workflows feature which allows triggering on specific events: Please let me know if I can help you further. 


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