How do I find bugs fixed or closed in last 14 days?

It seems like this should be a pretty easy search but I can't figure it out.

By "fixed or closed" I mean, in one of these states:
#Fixed #Resolved #{Won't fix} #Obsolete #Duplicate #{Can't Reproduce} #Verified

I've tried using updated:{Two weeks ago} but that's not quite right, that matches the one-week period from 27 Oct. to 3 Nov. I guess I want from 30 Oct to 13 Nov, but what I really want is a relative duration so I can run the query at any time without modifications.
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Hello Russ,

Sorry for not responding earlier.
You may use the following query to output issues solved in particular period of time:
resolved date: 2013-11-06 .. 2013-11-18
Speaking of the relative query, it's better to search as follows:
resolved date: {Two weeks ago}
I've tested the exact {Two weeks ago} parameter, for me it works perfectly. May I kindly ask yo to try it once again?

Thank you.
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Hi, Andrey, thanks for your response.

Sure, I tried the query resolved date: {Two weeks ago}
And the autocomplete box (screenshot attached) showed the date ranges I was talking about earlier, ie. the one-week period that began two weeks ago.
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Ah! Today .. {Two weeks ago} seems to do the trick.

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