how to view archived sprints

I accidentally archived a sprint. I have a SCRUM review next week. is there a way to restore archived sprint. I searched in the forum and found " To view the archived versions you have to Undo Archive first". please let me know "how to undo an archive". sorry I am new bee.

Please, navigate to Administration-> Projects-> your project-> Fields tab. Click on Fix versions value bundle-> enable 'Show released and archived versions' option, click on a flag icon under Archived column.

Thank you.
Thanks a bunch for the quick reply!

How do I view archived sprints in v7 if I deleted the "Fix versions" field?


Hello Gebb,

which YouTrack 7.0 build are you using?

Was your board linked to a custom field ('Link sprints to custom field' sprint option in the board settings)? Do you still see the sprints in the dropdown of your board? Could you please send 1) a screenshot of your board settings + 2) a screenshot of the dropdown with sprints? You can submit a support request and attach those screenshots there.


Hello Liubov, here are the screenshots:

1) Board settings

2) Dropdown with sprints

I'm using YouTrack 7.0 Build 28450 Mon, 14 Nov 2016 16:14:14 GMT.


I tried using REST API like so (Powershell):


$a = Invoke-RestMethod `
-Uri "http://MY_YOUTRACK_HOST/rest/admin/agile" `
-Method Get `
-WebSession $global:sess

$url = $a.projectAgileSettingss.agileSettings.sprints.sprint[0].url

$sprint = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $url -Method Get -WebSession $global:sess




id : 91-45
version : s33
start : 1460678400000
finish : 1461887999999
isDefault : false


I.e. without much success.

The API doesn't output archived sprints. When I perform a GET request for a specific sprint, the result has no property "archived".


Hello Gebb, in our current public REST API there is no 'Archived' flag for the sprints.

We have a new REST API, but it's not public yet. We have plans to make the new REST API public, but I can't give you an ETA on this yet. Please watch the updates and announces in our blog:

Let me know if I can answer any other questions.


Liubov, can you please describe any (perhaps "hacky") method to get the list of archived sprints in the current version?

I.e. a workaround for the missing functionality in the YouTrack GUI and REST API.


Hello Gebb, we don't have any documentation for these new REST API methods, but we use them on our new boards, so you can actually open your browser console while working with your board and check the requests behind the sprints, I believe you can figure out the correct requests and use them as temporary workarounds.

However, the REST API that we use on our boards currently is experimental and might be changed.


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