Query for subtask of, with nested sub tasks

When I'm using the issue list in tree view, how can I view the subtasks of a given issue, along with their subtasks?

e.g. for issue AB-12, I'd like to see

  • AB-12
    • AB-121
    • AB-122
    • AB-123
      • AB-1231
      • AB-1232

I can query for 'subtask of: ab-12', this will show 121-123, but not 1231/2. If that makes sense :-/
Hello James,

That makes sense, thank you for details.
Unfortunately, searching for 2nd level subtasks are not possible in this way, sub-subtasks have another parent issue.
It'll be possible with variables in search query. This option may be implemented in future releases.

Thank you.
That's a shame Andrey - I don't really feel like it's a query, more just a viewing preference.

At the moment, if you enter an issue number into the search bar it takes you directly to the issue. Instead, it would be great if the issue was shown on the list, but with the sub tasks.

Just a thought.
If you can do a search that includes all of the subtasks (e.g., maybe by project), then the tree view of the issues list will show them all. However, in my experience, at least, it's tricky to pull this off without either having many pages of issues or accidentally excluding one or more issues.

This would be extremely helpful to ensure that tasks aren't being forgotten and just to get a better overview of what's happening. As it happens, some of our guys are having to resort to using separate project tracking software just for this purpose.
I created an issue for this in JetBrains' YouTrack instance:


I believe, that this issue will solve it.
You can upvote it.


This would be a huge benefit to our organization as well.  Something like subtree: {issue_id} or tree: {issue_id}.


It is already implemented in youtrack since version 2021.1.9819 (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-33026).
Here is an example query:

aggregate Subtask of: PRJ-123 

It returns the whole tree with the root task PRJ-123


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