cannot attach the image (Attach file button)

We are using the web based version of youtrack and for about a month or two ago, we started having problem with attaching to Issus, the only thing that Works, is attaching a file, attaching from screenshots and clipboard (both) do not work.

When trying to use attaching screenshots or from clipboard we get the message "Cannot attach the image" (see err01) if we try a second time, nothing happens at all.

We also gets JAVA errors. When vi get the one where it says that browser not support Java, we just cancel and try again, then it do not popup (see err03)

And finale, every time we use the attach function, we get a "Allow & Do Not Allow" message (see err02) but I partly understand this on and just press "Allow" every time.

I hav tryede to se under admin access if there is any setting I can change, but cannot find any.

We a 3 user have the problem on 3 diferent machines and have tryede on IE, FF and Goggle Chrome, same problem.

Home someone can help.
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Hello Michael,

Apologize for the delay.
Am I correct you use an InCloud version?
Did you update you Java and what Java version do you have? Some browsers need to allow our Screenshot tool as it's a Java applet.
Also, may I ask you to provide us with the Java logs? To enable Java console, please navigate to JAVA under Control Panel (on Windows) -> Advanced-> Java console. While the screenshot tool will be working, please grab the logs.

Thank you.

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