Agile backlog: How to sort issues over the 100 issue paging limit?

We've been using YouTrack successfully for the past six month to run an agile project. Our entire backlog is held in YouTrack, which we then keep grooming into the right sort order.

We recently went past 100 items in our backlog, which means we now have to page to a second screen in order to see these backlog items.

The problem we have is that we change the order of backlog items by dragging them up and down the list.

However because items past 100 are shown on the second screen of paged results, we cannot re-order and item from the screen screen of paged results onto the first - if that makes sense.

In order words because the backlog items are paged - we can only sort items on each paged screen. This means is can't move item 101 to position 1.

As YouTrack is designed to be used to managed product backlogs, I'm sure there's a way to do this?

Please help!

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Hello Peter,

Thank you for such valuable feedback with detailed use case!
I hate to break it to you, but currently we have no a user-friendly workaround for this. I understand your concern and totally agree with you.
Here is the feature request, please vote and leave comments. I guess, we'll be able to implement this soon.

Thank you.

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