Workflow editor is disgusting


Is it possible to turn it into simple code editor? Its behaviour is the most unexpeced.

  • I try to write: "sendMail(Customer email" but then i press space after "Customer" it just removes the whole word (I have not found ways to write it still.)

  • I try to highlight the beginnign of the "sendMail(Customer email, l10n ( [Запрос  {getId()} ]  {summary} ), ...the long text goes there..." but it does not allows me to do this: either only sendMail or the whole call.

  • Somehow i managed to wrote "sendMail(Customer email, l10n ( [Запрос  {getId()} ]  {summary} )" (actually i copy-pasted it from another file and cut it). Then i try to add the third argument with the text of a mail. I write ", l10n()" but it is highlighted with red and that's it. The only way to fix it a i have found so far is to copy paste the previouse argument and clear a text

  • Now i have "sendMail(Customer email, l10n ( [Запрос  {getId()} ]  {summary} ), l10n ( << .. >> ));" and i try to write some text there. And it goes red to. Well, i give up.

It is the most frustrating expirience in my life. (And i just have skipped some other things)


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