Why doesn't this workflow work?

It doesn't do anything when I change the "Motivation" field to ASAP.  No notifications or anything.

rule Create Technical Debt for ASAP 
when Motivation.becomes({ASAP}) { 
  loggedInUser.notify("Creating Technical Debt", ""); 
  var newIssue = loggedInUser.createNewIssue(project.shortName); 
  newIssue.summary = "Technical Debt for " + issue.getId(); 
  newIssue.Type = {Technical Debt}; 
  loggedInUser.notify("Technical Debt Created", "Please fill out the issue: " + newIssue.getUrl()); 
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Most probably the workflow itself is correct but the loggedInUser is the same as the workflow maintainer (uploader).

If so you and the worfklow maintainer wants to get notifications it has to go to the profile and check 'Receive notification on my own changes' or use the workflow method loggedInUser.notify("Test", "test", true);.

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