Error in Youtrack and Workflow after update to Youtrack 5.0.6

We updated our Youtrack from 5.0 to 5.0.6. And It was working well until we didn`t try to improve our workflow with YoutrackWorkFlowEditor 5.1.
But after synchronization, workflow doesn`t work in Youtrack and next errors have been apearing:
  1. (In Youtrack with trying to change issues) "Workflow gsru-youtrack-scrum-workflow-dvfu reports error: Cannot resolve property Issue. in project"
  2. (In WorkFlowEditor with uploading workflows) "A message body reader for Java type, class jetbrains.youtrack.workflow.rpc.ErrorBean, and MIME media type, text/html, was not found"
  3. (In WorkFlowEditor in highlighted rules) "Can`t find language: jeatbrains.youtrack.workflow.localization"

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Hello Artem,

Apologize for short delay.
May I kindly ask you, is it possible for you to upgrade YouTrack to 5.1 version?
Meanwhile, we'll investigate the problem.
Please, note we recommend our users to use similar YouTrack and Workflow versions.

Thank you.
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Please perform the following steps:
- download all workflows into the Workflow Editor
- ensure that there aren't errors in the rules, especially all field are recognized and can be completed by Ctrl+Space
- upload workflows

It seems that you are trying to use badly generated workflow.
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I have currently the same Problem as Artem Chuguntsev.
Have also checked my workflows and there are not errors.
After I have checked it, I uploaded them to the server.
But the problem ist still there.

Also current version 5.2.5 is installed

Update - 14:15

I deinstalled Youtrackserver and Youtrack workfloweditor.
After installation i got a new error. This time my workfloweditor shows an error message:
Can't download custom fields schema
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Please also remove the folder {home_folder}/youtrack40 and restart the Workflow Editor.
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Hello. Thanks. I just deleted the folder and started Workflow Editor. But now I have the first problem again:
"Workflow YellowMap-Youtrack-Meetings meldet Fehler: Cannot resolve property Issue. in project TestProject"
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Have you managed to download fields schema and all your workflows haven't got errors?
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I got some problems at my Workflow Editor,after looking in the Workflows. Thank you a lot

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