Executing Command from Commit and setting "Fixed in build"


I've got a problem configuring YouTrack and TeamCity integration. I want to set "Fixed in build" only if the issue was mentioned in a commit message so I unchecked the option "Process resolved issues".
But now when I set an issue to fixed with a git commit message, "Fixed in build" does not get updated.

1. Create new Issue #SP-1 in YouTrack
2. Commit a Change with Commit Message "#SP-1 fixed"
3. TeamCity build the change and YouTrack issue State changes to fixed. Commit is linked in TeamCity Changes Tab. But "Fixed in build" still has the value "Next build".

If I use the Option "Process resolved issue" the Build Number is set in issue (but also in every other Fixed issue not mentioned in the commit. Thats what I dont want).

Is there something wrong with my configuration or is this a bug?
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Hello Max,

Sorry for short delay.
Please, take a look at the comment. Seems, like it's your case. Please, check all the listed and let me know if it doesn't help.

Thank you.
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Thanks for your reply.

I checked the comment. I think that condition 2 (the issue is resolved by the moment the integration notices the build and it's mentioned in the build) is not working how i expect it to.
The Issue gets closed by the commit message. So the issue should be resolved by the time integration notices the build.
The issue is indeed resolved after integration notices the build but fixed in build is still set to "next build".

Meanwhile i found a Workaround by setting the TC VCS Quiet Time to 2 Minutes and the YT Integration Check Interval to 1 Minute.
I posted it in this comment.

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