problem with installation youtrack 5.2-8723 on windows x64 system

We would like to try to use youtrack system in our development team, but we face with problems during installation youtrack installation. During installation installer is hagning on line "Create folder: D:\Program Files\YouTrack\logs". We see that problem on different machines and for that reason can't install YouTrack. What should be the reason of that problem and how to fix that?
Thank you,
Hello Alex,

May I ask what version you're trying to install? Are you using 32x or 64x distribution?
Hello, I tried to use both of them - the same result in both cases.
I've tried both of them on clean virtual machine with Win 7 installed and encountered no installation problems, so I suppose there's something preventing installer from performing complete installation. I would advice to try the following:

1. Try to run installer as Administrator.
2. Temporary disable antivirus software during YouTrack installation, if any.
3. Temporary disable UAC during installation.
4. Check domain group policy, it may be way too restrictive in terms of service registration or registry modifications.

If nothing helps, there's always a backup plan: you can try .jar distribution instead of .exe one. Documentation is available here:

For evaluation purposes an incloud trial may also be a good fit:

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