Is Youtrack still a main product from JB?

I noticed lately that Youtrack is becoming a product with low importance of JB, slow releases almost no new features. Some trivial features like Bitbucket integration are open for months, even years.

We are strongly doubting if Youtrack is the way to go as they have a big product base I feel they are not taking YT serious anymore.

Can we expect some serious work to be done on YT or will it stay the unwanted child? Then it will be time to migrate away to Jira or something.
Hi Rogier,

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your opinion. Could you please provide more details about the functionality you are currently missing in YouTrack, so we can have an idea about  serious work we need to do. Answering your question, recently we released two versions, 5.1 and 5.2 which contains pretty extended set of features requested by internal and external users. We are also working on the major version mainly devoted to the Reporting functionality and the ability to create/use alternative custom UIs and more. Please stay tuned to our news, we're planning to publish the next version Roadmap very soon.
Hello Valerie,

Appreciate your reactions! A big miss for us is the Bitbucket integration, we would like to see BB support like Github, especially in the business world BB is often used instead of Github.

Our biggest concern is actually the Agile board. We are on the starting point of using scrum and I am evaluating scrumboards to use, but Youtrack is unfortunately not the best candidate, it is just very confusing and the reporting is complicated to get proper results from. Other products we are looking at are Jira, Yodiz and Axosoft. These are just very intuitive.

Where YT's but is very elaborate, for developers easy to use and functional ok, the agile board is lacking.

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