Trouble installing YouTrack on

I wanted to set up YouTrack for our (small, 5-10 people sized) project on one of our servers. I installed YouTrack on another server in the past and was able to run it within minutes.

This time however I am having trouble for about 8 hours now, trying to figure out why it is not working. First thing was an "Address already in use" error, which seemed to fix itself after a few researches and restarts (i did change the port, but I ended up using 8280). After that I got an IO timeout error, which went away after another restart.

Currently YouTrack is running as a service, "2014-05-18 00:39:18.822:INFO:oejs.AbstractConnector:Started SelectChannelConnector@" - but I still cannot access it in my browser when I open "".

I noticed that it also didn't create any folders inside the .youtrack folder (like logs and stuff), so I couldn't see into log files and search for errors.

I am really confused right now but definitely want to keep using YouTrack since I have such a good experience with it in my past. Does anybody have an idea what could cause this? I even chmodded all the needed folders and files to 0777 (in pure despair)...
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I still cannot access it in my browser when I open ""

Is it possible to access installed YouTrack locally via localhost:8280? If so, then misconfigured base url is the most probable cause.

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