How do we diagnose YouTrack performance?

We run YouTrack on a dedicated Azure A2 server (that's 3.5 Gb of memory + 2 dedicated cores) running Windows.

Everything is extremely slow in our installation: opening an issue takes about 10 seconds, any pop up only loads after 3-4 seconds of spinning circle. This is quite annoying and makes working with YouTrack a pain.

Is this kind of performance ok for YouTrack? Do we need an even bigger server? Is there anything we can do to speed it up?
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Ok, we've solved the issue by adding memory per the instruction:
This was quite unobvious though.
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Hello Konstantin,

Thank you for your request.
Please, have a look at the installation guide, 3d point. Though, I agree with you, sometimes it's not obvious.

Thank you for your patience.

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