Admin can't update tag?

I'm an admin, yet I'm unable to modify the "Updatable by group" part of a tag that I didn't create. I can't delete this tag and recreate it as it is being used.  Let's assume the user who created it can't make the change, how am I supposed to modify the tag?

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Hello Steven,

Updating is available according to shared group. But, with Edit tag permission you're able to remove tag: click on Delete tag button.

Thank you.

Is deleting the tag still the only option? I don't want to delete it because the tag is used often. Just need to change the color which is not possible. Would be good to have kind of a super-admin without (almost) any permission restrictions.


Christof, unfortunately it's still not possible to edit a tag if you're not allowed to do that by the tag owner.

We have a feature request to change this behaviour, please vote/comment for it in our tracker:


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