Is there any Windows based time tracking software featuring YouTrack?

Hey all,

I've asked me the following question: is there any software out there (open source / charge) which works with Windows and integrates YouTrack?

I've just noticed that there is a tool named EON ( which is for Mac and integrates YT as well. For me, it's just fine (I'm a Mac-user) but my colleagues also would use YT with even more pleasure if there is a possibility to track their time as efficiently as I do?

Thank you for your answers!
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Hi Sascha,

Thanks for the request. Interesting question.
Actually, we have own Time management option, documentation link.
Have you already tried this?
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Hi Andrey,

thanks for your quick reply. I've tested the YT time management possibilites (it's really, really great). But that's why I was asking. As far as I can see I have to add times manually or I have the possibility to use the automatic work timer. It's great if you want to combine that with the task management in PS (we use PhpStorm in our company as well). But: I think there is no way to pause the automatic started work timer in PS. The only way to stop is to close the issue (i.e.: I start working on a task at 5pm the one day and want to pause it at 6pm. The next day I want to start it again and work on it until it's finished, but that's somethink neither PS nor YT takes care of). Not a big deal, that's why I'm asking for a third-party time tracking tool. YT offers a great REST API so I thought I look for an alternative external tool which gives me the ability to click on a button or to press a key and start the work timer. If I press it again, it stops and adds these times to your time management. That's what EON offers.. but unfortunately, it's only for Mac users.

I think with my explanation you get a clue of what I am looking for.

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