Viewing subtasks at multiple levels (sub-tasks of sub-tasks)

Is there a way to query sub-tasks of sub-tasks? When I search sub-tasks of a ticket, I would like to see its sub-tasks & its childrens sub-tasks. This would be very useful when I am seeing sub-tasks of one ticket on the agile board but I would like the board to display its sub-tasks as well, so I get a multi-level view.

I can see them in my EPIC board but when I want to see the developers agile board for just one epic, I cannot get the sub-tasks displayed.

Attached some screenshots for reference.

Tasks with sub-tasks.png

subtasks visible in my epic board.png

Agile Board Definition.png
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Hi, any ideas on how this could be done?
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Sorry for not responding earlier!
Second screenshot with EXT-205 is another board, right? Do all these tasks and subtasks have similar Fix version?
Why do you query for subtask of EXT-205 instead of subtask of EXT-207?

Thank you.
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Hi Andrey,
Yes, EXT-205 is on another board - my Epic Board showing only one sprint and all the tickets under EXT-205 are attached to that Sprint. What I wanted to display was just show all sub-tasks under the epic EXT-205. EXT-207 and EXT-211 (First screen shot) are subtasks of the epic EXT-205. What I would like to display is all the sub-tasks under an Epic in the Agile board - each major task/feature as a swim lane and all its sub-tasks listed under it.

I managed to achieve this by doing the following.
1. All the tickets, epic, feature and sub-tasks are associated with one fix version (sprint).
2. Filter condition for the board is Project: EXT Query: -Epic

By doing this, it lists EXT-207 and EXT-211 as two different swim lanes and within each swim lane the subtasks of EXT-207 and EXT-211 are displayed. If I associate another ticket with the sprint, even though its not a part of the EPIC, it would get displayed. Ideally, I would like to see is the developer board for the EPIC - the set of real tasks my team needs to deliver for the EPIC.

I hope that clarifies it a bit.

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Hi Andrea,
Any updates?

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Hi Gesly,

Sorry for not responding earlier.
Correct, as I've mentioned, all issues should have same Fix version to be shown on Agile board.
If you still have swimlanes identification as Type:Feature, and EXT-207 and EXT-211 are Features, then they should be displayed as swimlanes with subtasks without querying
Query: -Epic

Subtasks of EXT-207 and EXt-211 should have Type that differs from Feature.
Issues with the target Fix version(Sprint) will be displayed on the board; they match by Fix version. They appear at as the orphans, not related to the swimlane.
As a workaround, you may set State value for that task to,say, 'To be discussed', which is not presented in the board. The task won't be shown in the board.
Also, you may learn uesful tips from the guide.

Thank you.

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