YT6: Are backups to network-shares supported?

I upgraded from YT5 to YT6.

Since using YT5 my backups where on a network-share, worked nicely.

Now, using YT6, although the user "everyone" has full access to this share, youtrack is not able to perform a backup.
If I change the backup destination to a local folder, the backup works as expected.

Are network-shares supported by YT6?
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Hello David,

When trying to make a back up, are there any errors on YouTrack side?
Could you please also check if you have 'everyone' write permissions on target directory?

Thank you.
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Thank you for your reply.
It turned out it was a permission-error on my side. As soon as the JetBrainsYouTrack user was replicated on the backup-computer (which required setting a new, known JetBrainsYouTrack password on the webserver for knowing which password to use), YouTrack was able to perform a backup.

I don't know if I missed it during setup:
Is there a way to set the JetBrainsYouTrack user's password during setup?
Would it be possible to specify a (Windows) user-context under which the backup should be performed?

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