How Do I 'Finish' a Sprint?

Important:  This is running YouTrack 4.2.4 (build #6055 [24-Jun-2013 20:37]

I've been evaluating this product for a while, as evidenced by the older version number.  I really like it so far, and I can see the promise, but there are some things that I don't understand, and I haven't been able to find via online sources (i.e. docs, forum, general google searches).

This is as far as I've gotten (as much as I can remember anyway):

As Admin User
  • Created User Groups, one for designers, one for programmers, both of which are members of the "Developer" role.
  • Created a project
  • Added Groups above to project
  • Created users and assigned them to appropriate roles
  • Added a "Fix Version" to the project.

Logged in as Programmer
  • Created Sprint
  • Created Swimlanes for major feature areas
  • Added Issue to swimlanes for this Fix Version
  • Advance issues through states until they reach 'Verified' status.

Up until this point I understood (or thought I did) everything that was going on.  It's very easy to use the agile board, just drag the items into their states and move on, etc.   But now we're done,  it's time to "Release" these fixes. I marked the Fix Version as "Released" back in admin, but the issues and the sprint still appear back on the agile board / issues area.  I don't know what to do next.

So, currently, I have two main questions.

  • How do I mark a sprint as "I'm done with this, it's out in the world and I don't need to see the issues contained within it (unless I want to).
  • When I do the above, what happens to any issues that may not have made it to the "Verified" status?  Will they get automatically moved to the backlog, or do I need to do something with those in particular?

Edit: Changed title to better reflect the actual question.

Edit 2:  Bump.  I thought this would be an easy one?  I'm clearly missing some part of the picture here.  "Your'e doing it wrong" very well might be the answer.
If your sprint is done, you probably will move on to the next one.
So create a new fix version, and on the Agile board, you are able to select the sprint right below the project selection dropdown. With the left/right arrows, you can move to the previous/next sprint.
I don't see the necessity to remove the sprint from the board. just select the next one to be shown, and if you want to check something, you can go back to the old sprint.
I'm looking to remove or hide the completed sprints and issues contained within them because it becomes cluttered very quickly.  That sprint dropdown/menu would have a huge list of sprints in it after a while, no?  

If the work is done and running in production I don't really care about the items contained in an old Sprint too much.  I definitely want to be able to see them if I need to answer "what changed in version N".  But 99% of the time I just want to see things that I need to fix, not that I already fixed months / years ago.

Maybe (probably?) I have a fundamental misunderstanding of Agile / YouTrack.
I think what you're thinking of is "Archive It" on the version configuration.

That should remove the Version from the available sprints on the Agile board.
Aha, yes!  That was it exactly.  I knew it had to be in there somewhere.

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