Accessible Projects with verbose=true returns empty response when specifying multiple accept headers.

Since upgrading from YouTrack 5 to YouTrack 6 the following issue arose:

When requesting accessible projects with verbose = true, and specifying multiple accept headers the response is empty.

This happens only when requesting verbose output.

I'm using Restsharp which specifies multiple accept headers by default.

See attached comparison of requests and their responses.
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The attachment did not show in my orignal post:

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Thank you!
We still have bug, when request has several accept types.    
As workaround, could you please, set one accept type: application/json.
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Yeah I just applied that fix. It's a bit of a nuisance, as for me it is not clear whether this applies to other methods too.
As this only seems to happen with verbose=true, I guest this bug is method-specific and needs a method-specific workaround.

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