Ability to set "VCS User Names" gone

Yesterday I signed up YouTrack InCloud.
While learning system I noticed textarea field with label "VCS User Names" on edit user screen. As I understand, there listed alternatives for tied VCS logins.

Then I merged my root user with one of users who will take administration.

Seems after this (or maybe after something else), mentioned "VCS User Names" textarea disappeared ( http://screencast.com/t/KpDjy4K8kQGA ) . I found that data still available in user details area http://screencast.com/t/xE0bDWUuu .

Question: How I can manage this data ("VCS User Names") now? Why did I lost root access after merging? How to restore it?

URL: talentspot.myjetbrains.com

Thank you!
Hi Anton,

VCS names are entities to be used for integration with Upsource tool. By these names user will be able make references to Upsource from YouTrack. Integration is planned, but not complete yet.
Currently, these names are meaningless, they use nowhere.
We've decided to hide these this details till the solution. This will be fixed in nearest YouTrack build.

Thank you.

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