OAuth2 validation exception on unused characters "<","/",">"

A user, who was able to login without error this morning, is now receiving an OAuth2 Authentication Failure on characters that aren't present in her username nor her password.

Any idea how to fix?

So, if I login as me (admin) on this users computer I login successfully. If I then immediately log out, and log back in as this user (not admin) then she can access YouTrack as her, successfully. If she then closes the browser window and goes back in to YouTrack the error will return when she tries to login.
This instance of this issue has been identified as the character "/" that was present in the name of the group to which this user was assigned. Once we removed the "/" from the group name the users have been able to login without issue.

Due to the permissions this issue wasn't present after I had logged in as I always navigated to the dashboard when I logged in. Consequently, when the user logged back in they went to the dashboard, which only required the "All Users" permission level. If they were within a project to which they had access because of the group permissions then they would not be able to login.

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