can I move database to another computer?

I am using youtrack on computer A, but now I want to use it on computer B.
I installed youtrack on computer B, copied the database which is on computer A to computer B, "data/youtrack/", except for "data/youtrack/hub/conf/" , at last stopped the youtrack service on computer A.

but everytime I tried to open youtrack on computer B, it showed like this:

it seems that it tried to redirect everytime. did I miss something? or I just can't move database to another computer.
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Hello Annie,

Please, refer to migration guide, 9th point.
Access your instance via http://computerB:port/login , navigate to Administration> Domain settings> set correct baseURL.

Also, to move the database from A to B, you need to copy entire /teamsysdate folder.(not some folders selectively).

Thank you.

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