Votes with Email integration?


currently evaluating Youtrack and I am wondering if the following workflow is possible:

1. Fetch emails regularly.
Each email has a Java stack trace + extra infos and a hash of the stack trace only. The hash might be in the email body or the email subject (whatever is easier to handle in Youtrack)
2. Create an issue from each email and store the hash of the stack trace in a custom field
3. Every email that has an already known hash should not create a new issue but instead vote on the matching issue (and maybe append the email's extra infos as comment)

Currently if we get 10 mails and 5 of them have the same stack trace (with possibly different additional infos) we get 10 issues. However it would be nice if we would end up with only 6 issues with one issue having 4 votes and in the comments of this issue the possibly different extra infos are posted.
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You can duplicate 4 issues to one manually or automatically, thus 4 votes will be added to the duplicates cluster root.

To do it automatically please provide the workflow:
rule Auto duplicate 
when becomesReported() { 
  var hash = description.length; // calculate hash here
  Hash = hash; 
  for each sameHashDuplicatesRoot in project.getUser("root").getIssues(Everything, "Sate: -Duplicate Hash: " + hash) { 
    // expected that this loop is executed only once
    sameHashDuplicatesRoot.addComment("additional info");

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