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In my opinion, it could be rather comfortably to have a hierarchical comments tree.
It could be necessary for example when one man types the list of errors in some issue and other man alternatively fixes it adding comments and changing states. Of course, the alternative (current) way is to make a set of issues which would be "childs" of the first issue, but I don't think that bugs like "missed a point in paragraph name" deserve a particular issue.
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Hi Evgeniy,

Thank you for sharing your feedback!
To tell the truth, sometimes, we receive and even discuss comments view. Till now, we've not been able to decide why should we move to hierarchical view or why it's useless. The number of votes for and against hierarchical/common views is almost equal.
I believe, if we change the view, the decision will be taken according to our main UI style.

Thank you.

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