Get All Issues from all projects via API

Is it possible to get all issues from all projects via the API?


The python library you supply has a function for this (connection.getAllIssues), but it's only collecting 5,000 at a time


The code suggests a theoretical maximum of 999,999 however:

def getAllIssues(self, filter = '', after = 0, max = 999999, withFields = ()):


I am of course setting the after and max arguments appropriately


>>> iss=connection.getAllIssues(filter='',after=0,max=99999)
>>> len(iss)

Hello Willem,

Large integers is not recommended here, as this request significantly loads your servers. Were you able to receive 5000 entities in your response?


Hi Andrey,


Thank you for the response.


Yes, I was able to get 5,000.


However, I would really like *all* the issues - is this not possible? And what if I want to get all issues for a single project, will I have to get them in batches of 5000?





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