Cannot find the backlog in Agile board

I'm currently evaluating YouTrack as a candidate for my company's Scrum collaboration needs. I have one problem however: In the Agile board I've created (following your tutorials/instructions) I don't see any backlog. There is no little icon in the top left corner. I also cannot create a new sprint since there is neither a "New" button (as explained in the tutorials) or a calendar button.
I must've missed something basic somewhere but I can't figure out what it is and I also cannot spend too much time on this evaluation so I'm here asking for a few hints to be able to move on.

I have tried deleting and re-creating the agile boards a few times but the issue remain.

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Backlog appears on a board only if you work in sprint context.
Sprint equals Fix version custom field in YouTrack, so to create a Sprint (Fix version value) user should have Update project permission in target projects. May it be the case, you've disabled some permissions for your user?
Could you please provide clarify you executed as followings:
1. Create Agile board
2. Create New sprint (New button near Sprint drop-down or from Create> Sprint button at the top of the page).

In YouTrack unscheduled tasks and issues are your backlog.
For more information see:

So basically if a task is not assigned to any sprint it is in the backlog.

Br, Marko


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