Connecting to youtrack python API using api key

We are trying to find out how to use the Rest API, specifically the youtrack connection. We would like to be able to do this with a key rather than login and password, however I have not found any information on the creation of the key required. How should we be looking at generating this key?



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Hello Sandy,

There are several authorization flows available, .
I assume you need to access YouTrack and update data on behalf of some user? If I'm right, then unfortunately, you still need to provide user login and password and additionally YouTrack service id and service secret.
Thank you.

Hi Andrey, thanks for the info, will look at it. Basically our head of RND wishes to use the python API to extract data for spreadsheet reporting, and can do this - he is just reluctant to leave his credentials in a python script, and given that the connect code has api_key as a connect attribute, we wanted to find out how this is setup to use.


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