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In our company YouTrack is one of many tools in use. Often custom fields are used to tie those different systems together.

Quick Example:
- Support case arrives in OTRS
- Support person might create YouTrack issue with reference to OTRS Ticket No

Now, it would be great if we could open up this OTRS Ticket page by clicking on a link in YouTrack (e.g. small icon next to custom field). (Same is possible for the other route from OTRS to YouTrack already by using an OTRS plugin)

OTRS is just a popular example. We do have some homemade endpoints as well. So, replace OTRS with any other system you like and I think this could be a great feature of emphasizing YouTracks role.

How the OTRS Plugin does it:
The OTRS Plugin allows to configure a URL including placeholders which will be replaced by custom fields of the ticket.

In my mind this could be achieved by adding a new custom field type "link" similar to "string" which also allows adding a base pattern URL.

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Hello Markus,

I'm very sorry for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, it's not implemented yet. Custom fields of link types should be implemented within .

You can also try to implemented alternative UI for YouTrack and add links to external resources somewhere on the page, .


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