"Field name" vs. "Localized Name"

I am trying to rename (relabel?) some custom fields. I noticed that when I edit most custom fields, two settings are available:

  • Field Name (required)
  • Localized name (optional)

I have few questions about these settings (can't seem to find any documentation, so asking here):

Dave Cherkassky

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Hello Dave!

We've already described this in email thread. However, I'd like to leave the answer here for the rest YouTrack user as well:

"Locolized name" appears only in case localization other than English applied to your instance.
This attribute means you're able to appeal to the field using its original "Field name" (for example, State) and "Locolized name" (for example, Статус).
"Locolized name" overwrites translations. Please, consider the case- custom translation was applied to your instance; then you set new locolized value. In both cases:
- there was a translation for the field in xml
- there was no translation for the field
locolized name will be overwritten with the value you set in "Locolized name".

Thank you!

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