What were your goals with Charisma?

I'm interested in knowing what your original goals were for the Tracker, beyond eating your own MPS dogfood (not that there's anything at all wrong with that).  What does Tracker do that JIRA did not do, and what does JIRA do that you decided you did not want in Tracker, and why?


Hi, Mark!

Our main goal, as usuall, was to improve productivity while working with tracker.

To implement it we investigated the way our developers work with tracker (JIRA) and found out that:

1. developers prefer to use keyboard instead of mouse, while working with tracker, but keyboard support in JIRA is absent

2. developers want smart search field, instead of huge form with a lot of filter options

3. developers want lightweight UI that quickly shows additional details on demand

4. developers want to navigate to issue and quickly change it's properties

To archieve it we've implemented the following features:

1. we support keyboard to navigate between issues and to execute actions agains selected issues

2. we've created smart search field with keywords as first-class citizent and with suggestions and autocomplete (you can search for "my unresolved issues updated today" or "fix for eap1 reported by me"). Search field usage reference may found in documentation, but I hope suggestions you get while entering your search request should help you.

3. intensive AJAX usage allows to expand additional details on demand

4. you may press Esc to get to the issues list and scroll issues using arrow keys, if you decide to change something in issue or post comment, just start typing desired command - command dialog appears. This dialog allows you to change any issue attributes using one text field. You may write "fixed", and issue state becomes fixed, you may type "for me open fix for eap1", and issue will be assigned to you with open state and fix for version will be changed to eap1. You even may link issues using command "duplicate" or "relates to". Command dialog supports suggestions and autocomplete as well.

BTW, charisma supports mouse too, you may filter issues using filter sidebar and you may change issues attributes by clicking on it.


Thanks very much for your reply.  I hear often that JIRA is supposed to be the "best-of-breed" for issue trackers, and I was interested in knowing what you felt to be its shortcomings.


How does one get access to the Charisma eap download?


It's not open yet. We're going to open it soon. Pls, watch our news.


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