manual email notifications (a.k.a. watch issue)


Is it possible to manually mark an issue as watched, similar to what we had in JIRA?

I see that the notifications in YouTrack are automatic, based on the settings in my profile.

But I hope you plan to implement manual notifications, because having automatic ones is nice but not enough. We can (and need to) have them both.

For example, I used to list the recently updated IntelliJ issues and watch those interesting to me.

Now I can no longer do that, because I can't find the "watch" button anywhere anymore.

So, I have 2 questions:

1. how can I manually watch an issue by email?

2. if it's not yet possible, is this feature planned?


Cristian Vasile Mocanu



Actually, you can manually mark issues as watched - see how it's done.

The "Watch" icon is available both in the list of issues (in detailed and medium-detailed view), and in the full issue view.


Thanks, that's nice.

I guess I was too used with the JIRA interface, where you find it on the left.

Actually, thinking better, I think it's not obvious that those icons under the issue id are clickable buttons.

I think the UI can be improved here:

- make it look more like a button (something like a rectangle somehow)

- add text after the icon. There is enough space for that and it makes it easier to visually spot it (and find, using the browser find tool - because it would be text)

Thanks again,

Cristian Vasile Mocanu



Your suggestions clearly make sense.

Could you please report them to the YouTrack project as usability problems?



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