When will YouTrack implement advanced workflow/customization found in JIRA?

We're evaluating JIRA right now and are naturally interested in YouTrack since (1) we're not invested in any commercial bug tracking tool and (2) we use TeamCity.

Some of the things that attract us to JIRA:

  • Easy customization of workflow (custom states, actions, etc.)
  • Easy addition of custom fields with rules associated with who can edit what field

One thing we noticed JIRA doesn't do well that might be doable in YouTrack is the ability to add a custom entity with values.

So if I wanted to add a field to an issue called "Customer" and give it a "SalesRegion" property I might be able to do a query like:

where Customer.SalesRegion = "North America"

That kind of customization would take things to a groundbreaking level, and from what I see of MPS it might be possible?

So my question is, with our needs, does YouTrack make sense?  Should we stay on the sidelines and wait for your product to mature?


Michael Hedgpeth


Hello Michael,

Of course, we're planning to add workflow functionality and custom fields.

Unfortunately, both features are scheduled for the next major release after 1.0.

However, YouTrack has tags that in many cases substitute custom fields.

Am I correct to assume that you want to mark bug reports/feature requests coming from your customers the way that lets you easily distinguish which sales region needs which features? If this is what you want, then you can do it with tags: just create tags for different sales regions, and tag new issues with them. Of course, you'll be able to use tags in search queries. See the following links for details:

If that's not exactly what you require then please tell me more about your scenario and I'll let you know whether YouTrack currently allows you to implement it.


We set organizational goals based on types of issues, so the tagging won't work for us.  We'll have to wait for your version 2, which might be too late for us.  What kind of timeframe are you looking at (early 2010, late 2010, 2011, etc.?)

Also, are your plans with customization going to include editing the domain model of the issues (I couldn't help but notice the entities section), or something else?



The next major version should be released in late 2010.

However, workflow issues and custom fields are our first priority to the point that we're hoping to provide an alpha version containing this functionality early next year.

As to further editing the domain model, we're not currently planning anything on that matter. If you have any specific feature requests, please report them.


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