Commit hooks for subversion/git?


Does YouTrack have any support for subversion/git commit hooks?  We're currently using Jira and I've been looking to install the subversion commit hooks into our repository to prevent commits that don't mention a bug ticket (and optionally, a ticket thats assigned to the committing user, and is active) but also looking to move ourselves over to YouTack.

Does YouTrack having anything out of the box for this?  I'm not sure if theres a REST API into YouTrack which could be used or if theres a plugin for this functionality.  Anyone know?  Currently I'm only looking for subversion but we're also looking at moving to git.



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Hello Mark,

This is not directly related to YouTrack functionality. However, YouTrack integrates with TeamCity, and this might be implemented as a TeamCity plugin.



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Hrm - if this was done as a TeamCity plugin, the assumption would be that the commits have ALREADY been made in the repository, whereas the intention is to prevent the commits from ever happening.  The assumption that there's even a TeamCity server in the mix seems to be jumping the gun a bit (ok, we have Teamcity, but I don't see how this would mix in).

Unless I'm missing something in how you think it would work?  The flow of how the Jira hook works (afaik) is:

1) User commits to the repository

2) Hook sends users email address, and commit message via HTTP to a RESTful service running inside JIRA

3) Jira service searches for any JIRA tickets mentioned in the message via regex, if nothing found then return with 404 or something

4) If ticket found, look at the ticket and see if its assigned to a user with the same email address as the commiter, 404 or something if failed match

5) Hook rejects the commit if Jira service rejects the message

I don't see where TeamCity might make a play in here?  One alternative would be at the IDEA side with a plugin that hooks into the commit process.

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TeamCity has "pretested commit" feature and integration with youtrack, so I think you may plug into it and ask teamcity to check commit comment as a part of pretested commit process.

But anyway, it's a good idea to have this feature standalone in youtrack without teamcity:


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