Differences between "states"?

How do you guys use the different states of:

Submitted (Item has been added to the system, but nobody has looked at it officially?)
New (Item has been looked at officially, but more information is needed?)

Open (Item has been looked at officially and assigned to somebody, but no further action has been taken on the issue)

In Progres (Item is now being worked on by an assigned person?)

ie..., what do they mean to you?


Hi David,

Here's how the different states are supposed to be used in our opinion.

As to me personally, I work with my own project, Documentation, and I don't really care whether an issue is submitted, new, or open. I use a combination of "In progress" and tags for current issues, and different resolved states. That's all. In YouTrack's own project, the states are probably used in a different way (Vadim Gurov is the right person to ask about that).


Thanks for the reply.  I noticed in the link you posted, the "New" status should be removed from the 1.0 release?  I have build #91 and it's

still there for sure!

Otherwise, I know people can use whatever they want, so long as they understand it, but I want to enforce some conventions, otherwise, people will get confused. ;-)


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