What is 'Archive It' and 'Release It' for versions and builds?


Could you pls explain what is the purpose and impact of 'Archive It' and 'Release It' actions for versions and builds?

(in Administration->Project->Versions|Builds).

When I set 'Archive It' for version I noticed that the version disappeared from dropdown list when editing issue. Is this the only impact?

Is it possible to narrow search on issues using Archived versions, e.g. looking only for issues that have non-archived versions?



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Hi Artsiom,

Archived versions are not shown in command suggestions and are not included into combo-boxes. That means, when you create new issues or edit existing issues, you can't reference archived versions using "affected version" or "fix for" attributes.

However, you can still search for issues related to archived versions:

fix for: {archived version name}


affects: {archived version name}

As for released versions, as soon a version has been marked as released, you can reference it using "affected version" attribute.

There's currently no search keyword referencing all released versions or all archived versions or whatever. That means, you can't successfully execute a search query like

for: me fix for: {archived versions}

You can submit a corresponding feature request into our own YouTrack instance if you like.

However, if you have, say, 3 versions in your project, and you know that two of them (version A, version B) are marked as archived, you can include them in your query explicitly:

for: me fix for: {version A}, {version B}

Having done that, you can save the query as a saved search.




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