Is it possible to add new issue type/status?


for example, in our company we do have issues which should be of type "Change Request" - when client wants something from us. Is it possible to add new types? Changing some XML files in YouTrack installation folder probably?..

Custom fields won't help in this case - because what we need is a NEW type, not a new field..




This is also something that we'd really like to be able to do (even if by just editing the database directly for the moment). I got a response from Vadim Gurov on Twitter saying that it currently wasn't possible but they're looking to do it soon.


Interestingly I notice that JetBrains have got custom options in their version of YouTrack (an older build number) so it must be possible.

Which file do we have to hand edit to at least add more tailored options?



We have custom issue types in our Youtrack installation, but thats ONLY because they came along with the Jira migration that we ran initially.  The lack of being able to add custom types ( and well, being able to customize Youtrack in general ) is a real big pain.


I was waiting for the same thing, this was supposed to be implemented for 2.0 (or so it appeared, based on JetBrains' answer to a similar question a while back).  But it seems one can only define new custom fields, not update the value options for existing ones. Pretty limiting, it seems. :-(


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