Why upgrade license costs more than NEW???

Hello YouTrack team,

i'm writing here to express my disappointment about your sales policy. I have purchased an enterprise license almost a year ago and now I'm debating if I should purchase an upgrade or not. I got an email from JetBrains offering me 25% discount on upgrade - and still it's more expensive to upgrade for me ($840 - 25% = $630) than to purchase new enterprise license (which is $600 currently). And Karolyn from sales department says that i'm not eligible for 50% discount. Guys, what's going on?? Please respect your clients.

Thank you,


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Hello Alexey,

We announced our Christmas offer last Friday, so the 50% off price is valid during the Christmas time only (before Jan 10, 2011). I apologize for the misunderstanding. We will contact you personally to address it. Also, I would like to note that new license purchases and subscription renewals are completely different processes, so they may be handled in different ways.


YouTrack Team


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