How to exclude a tag or two from search?

I'm trying to exclude some tags from my search, but it doesn't work. For example a have two tags: beer and cola.

Tried these variants:

-#cola - doesn't work

-cola - seems to work

-{cola} - seems to work

-{cola} -beer - doesn't work


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Unfortunately you can't query issues that have neither one tag nor another. Queries "-cola" and "tag: -cola" exclude issues with tag "cola". Queries "-cola -beer" and "tag: -cola, -beer" return issue without both tags, i.e. without tags, with tag "cola" and with tag "beer".

There is little bit weird workaround for your issue you can create saved search (say "non cola") for query "tag: -cola" and then use it in a query "#{non cola} tag: -beer".  

Also we already have OR operator and we are going to add AND operator too.

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Thanks for the answer.


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