Error when trying to rename Version in YouTrack


I'm trying to rename a version in YouTrack: Failed to delete unique key (not exists). Index:, Field.bundle

I sent the bug here:

Maybe somebody can help? Can the database been edited directly?

Thanks for help.


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Database can't be edited directly.

We can't reproduce your problem.

It would be great, if you give us your database so we can invetigate and fix the problem.

As I can see, your are using Energy EAP build 1277. Did you upgrade to it from YouTrack 2.x or started EAP with new database?

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Hi Vadim,

I did an upgrade from 2.x to energy.

How can I send you the database? E-Mail? Which files do you need?

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Hello, Sasha!

It would be greate if you send us full database (we need "blobs" folder too, but we don't need "textindex" folder). If the database is too large you can send files without "blobs" folder.

You should send it to us by e-mail. My e-mail is ""


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