The problem with sending e-mail notifications.

We have licensed the Youtrack v.2.2.1
Blagoveschensk State Pedagogical University
Before we used trial version youtrack's. 
We have a mail server, Postfix + Dovecot + Mysql.
The server runs using smtp protocol.

Try Us sasl - authentication. smtp uses port 25.
For youtrack I create a new user
In the setting of Mail-System (Setup) I point out your e-mail server:

SMTP host:
SMTP port: 25
Mail protocol: smtp
SMTP login: youtrack
SMTP password: ************
Server from email:

I save the settings and reboot Youtrack.
I create a new Issue, and wait for notification by e-mail. But nothing happens.
In Postfix logs does not show even a connection attempt on the part of youtrack.
This feeling that Youtrack not even trying to send a message.

In what may be the problem? Thank you. Sorry for my Engish

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You do not need to reboot YouTrack after changing email settings.

YouTrack has the following notiifcation schema:

1. all notifications are produced by saved searches or tags

2. by default user have 3 saved searches: Assigned to me, Commented by me and Reported by me

3. for project lead special saved search 'New issues in XXX' is created

4. on issue creation, YouTrack tries to match this new issue against all saved searches and if match found, notification is sent

In your case, notification has to be send to project lead and to all users, how created saved searches that matches this new issue and turns notification on in their profiles.

If your setup corresponds to my description and project lead has correct email, then you have to check youtrack log errors.log for email sending errors.

Also, you can attach your log files here for our futher investigation.

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sorry for delay in answering you.

Did you try to send a mail with login you've created? (youtrack/PWD)

Also, try to perform "send test e-mail" command in user's profile, and send me YouTrack logs, please, after it (youtrack.log, errors.log)

You can find my e-mail in profile.


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Спасибо за ответы, кажется я разобрался в чем была проблема.

Необходимо при создание Issue Назначать в поле Assigned кого то из команды разработчиков, только тогда письмо отправляется.

Без проблем.

Тогда другой вопрос: подскажите каким образом можно отправить сразу сообщения всем разработчикам, а не только тому кто выбран в поле Assigned.

Есть идея, конечно, сделать это силами Postfix-a (создать новый почтовый ящик, скажем и настроить на нем ретрансляцию уже на остальные почтовые ящики девелоперов, а в поле Assigned выбирать нового разработчика с e-mail, но мне кажется это не рационально, и, наверное, youtrack позволяет это сделать своими силами.


Thank you for your answers.  I has understood what there was a problem.

Necessary where I create a New Issue in the "Assigned" сhoose someone from developer team. It's works. Mail may be sending.

One more question:

Way to send a message to all developers? In the "Assigned" allows you to choose only one developer.

I can solve this using Postfix and relaying to other mailboxes (create new developer by mail:, adjust the retransmission of this email to other developer's Email).

But I think it can be done using the capabilities Youtrack.

If there is a possibility (I think you Russian guys), write the answers in Russian language.

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В ЮТреке можно подписаться на нотификации на любой сохраненный запрос и на любой тег. Например, можно помечать баги, про которые хочется рассылать нотификации, специальным тегом, который будет открыт всей группе разработчиков, и попросить разработчиков подписаться на изменения багов, помеченных этим тегом. Подписаться пользователи могут в профиле на вкладке "Notifications".

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Спасибо за помощь. Сделал


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