No emails being sent - test works, notifications enabled (resolved while creating this post..)


We're evaluating the hosted edition, and it looks great, however I cannot provoke any email notifications. I can't see how to diagnose the isse

I have email configured, and "Send test e-mail" works fine. I have "Enable e-mail notifications" checked, and I checked every box in "Saved Searches". I have "Receive notification on your own changes" checked. I can see issues in my Save Searches.

In the error log I can see:

10 Jun 2011 11:29:48,708 ERROR [MailingServiceImpl  ] [tor-2] Error sending email.

org.springframework.mail.MailSendException; nested exception details (1) are:

Failed message 1:

javax.mail.internet.AddressException: Missing '<' in string ``David Dawkins <YouTrack <>>'' at position 49

(email address changed as spam guard)

I have this as my "Server 'from' email" field: YouTrack <>

I can change this to be just "" (and it then works), but it's strange that the "Send test e-mail" test works, but notifications don't, when the "prettyname <email>" format is used.

We're OK now, but one for your bug tracker please.


Dave Dawkins

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Hi, Dave.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with from email containing "<" and ">". Also there is an issue about "Send test e-mail": it always says that everything is fine. Have you received that test e-mail?

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Hi Maxim,

I should have been clearer - yes, we get the test email fine. 

I did search the forum first before posting, sorry I didn't spot the existing issue.



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Thank you for an interesting input about test email.


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