How do I delete a user once I've created one and she's interacted with youtrack?

When I try, I get error messages similar to:

Can't remove entity [User: id = 18-30[up-to-date] (RemovedSaved)] with incoming links:   1: Issue: id = 55-870[up-to-date] (Saved).reporter   2: IssueComment: id = 61-1346[up-to-date] (Saved).author

And now I see there is a youtrack youtrack item about this from the past:

but this seems kinda silly - I should be able to remove a user so he/she doesn't count against the total number of users yet their old interactions are still attributed to them.

If for example I merge them with guest, and do this repeatedly as users leave the company for example, I will lose the audit trail of who said what.

Seems there should be a better story here.

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Hello, Jerry!

You can ban user instead of deleting him. Banned users are not counted in license limitations. To ban user you should go to users list in admin menu.


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