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There is a strange bug ocurring on our Youtrack issue tracker.

Randomly the entries are doubled or duplicated.... You click on one issue and in the opening site there is everthing doubled(Comments, Project information etc.)

And some Users can not login because they get a "Youtrack is currently under Maintance" Message.

I would like to show you a screenshot but this bug occurs randomly and after 10 minutes or so everything was normal.

The Version of Youtrack is YouTrack 3.1 (build #2069)

What could be the cause of the Bug


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Strange behaviour. We haven't met it before.

What is your OS? How do you deploy YouTrack (as .jar or .war file or installed from .exe file)?

Sergey Andreev
QA Engineer
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


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