How do I filter on inclusive tags

Say I have tags for red, green and blue & small, medium and large

How do I filter on two tags, inclusivley, such red & large ?

Tried various combinations of Tag: Red & Tag: Large but I eitehr get ones with either or nothing at all

Tks in advance

Update - The example above is simple. In my real database I have found this

It appears at first that this works

tag: ROVcharting and FSBVCharting      we get three items but actually there are six in the system

but this doesn’t work at all

tag: FSBVCharting and ROVcharting       we get no items

but neither of these return anything

tag: planviewchart and ROVcharting

tag: ROVcharting and planviewchart

both should find a known ticket in my system

It appears that the order ticketa are tagged in may be an issue ????

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Hello Dave,

actually currently there is no way to find A & B. You can vote this issue:

Sergey Andreev
QA Engineer
JetBrains, Inc
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