Workflow question: why aren't default values set until after user makes an edit?


I'm evaluating YouTrack and having some issues with workflows not triggering soon enough. What I'm trying to set up is default values being set for a number of fields upon user starting a new issue. The problem is that these fields aren't set to the default value until after the user has first edited some field, for example, typed the first letter in the Summary field. I would like these default values to be set immediatly as the new empty issue form is displayed (and when the user changes project).

I'm using the following code:

rule Set Assigne to Reporter

when <issue created or update> {

     if ( !issue.isReported() && !issue.Assigne.changed ) {

          issue.Assigne = issue.reporter;



I realize it could probably be shorter by using when !isReported() directly but that is besides the point and doesn't seem to make a difference when it comes to wehn the script first triggers.

Can I get youTrack to set a default value without requiring the user to edit a field first?




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Hi Dan,

nice to hear that you find Customizable Workflow useful.

You right, user should start to do something with issue to stateless rules start to work. I create the issue

Note, if you need to set static default values you can do it directly in administration part on 'Project' > 'Custom fields' tab. Look at details in and here -

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Thank you Dmitry for the confirmation, and writing the report. Unfortunatly the default values are not static. We'll be watching the status of that report.



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